See how Holden is doing 5 yrs later and what you can do to help him.

See how Holden is doing 5 yrs later and what you can do to help him..

The things we must go through in this life may seem unbearable, after reading this story and seeing how amazing human’s can be I have hope for us.


  Many of you may not have heard about this horrific case of child abuse which occured in 2007 in Houston Tx. If you did hear about it I’m sure you did everything you could to forget about it. I am making you aware of this incident or reminding you of it for few reasons. To open peoples eyes to various types of child abuse, to let you know how the little boy is doing today and to inform you of charities who are dedicated to helping him have a normal life.\
 Back in 2007, 28 yr old Katherine Nadal cut off the genitals of her 5 week old son claiming that their dog had ate away the boys genitals. The dog was thougholy examined and it was found that the dog was not the one who did this. When confronted with the evidence her response was she assumed was the dog because it was not her who did this to her child.  After a blood test on the mother cocaime and metadone was found in her system. While the doctors were trying to save the baby, Nadal left the hospital and headed to a bar for a beer. Unreal!
 Nadal was found guilty in 2009 and is serving a sentence of 99 years. I pray to God that she doesn’t get out early for good behavior or some other cockamimi occurance.
  Now the little boy age 5 has alread undergone multiple surgeries to reconstruct his genitalia and will have to have many more. The surgeries are considered cosmetic and are not covered by insurance, by the way just makes me so mad, and are very expensive. The boys aunt Patches DeShazo is his legal guardian says he is becoming more curious about his body. He believes his genitals is something he will get when he gets older. She had no problem allowing him to believe this because in a way it is the truth. He can have reconstructive surgery but it will cost a lot of money.
 That is why I am bringing this to your attention, Heroes for Holden Foundation is set up to help with these expences. Last year they held a benifit concert that raised more than $240,000. So their is hope. Together we can all make a difference in this little boys life. You can help just by sharing this blog post. Let others know in your own way that this happened to a little child and maybe if everyone does something small like post on facebook tweet it talk to your frinds family and co-workers heck tell neighbors and stangers. This little boy has a long life to live what can you do to make it a little eaiser?

Please visit the links I am posting they will allow you to see this little boy and how much he loves life and what others are doing to help.